Ghino di Tacco detto il Falco di Giancarlo Guidotti – traduzione in inglese –

Ghino di Tacco detto il Falco -called the Hawk. (Padova2001- Ed. Progetto) è stato tradotto in inglese

Ghino di Tacco’s family was the head of a vast anti-Guelph resistance movement, which covered most of the area situated to the southeast of Siena, as far as the Val di Chiana. It was right in the middle of this turbulence, in such tumult of different worlds, that the horizon of the Sienese state was crossed, like a meteor, by the figure of Ghino di Tacco. His is the tragedy of all 13th Century.
“Not a few are the pages of pathos and of extraordinary fascination, in particular,
the final pages of Ghino di Tacco, wounded, who, almost at the end, sees and
remembers, while the troops go into battle.” (Lugaresi – writer).
The book has been well received by newspaper critics and film directors because of the engrossing plot that unwinds in it.

la versione in inglese è scaricabile a questo indirizzo:

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